Petroleum Refining Technology Consultant

Mr. McGovern has over 30 years of experience in many aspects of refining process technology and management, especially hydroprocessing, catalytic cracking, clean fuels and refinery economics.

Job Experience

  • PetroTech Consultants: 2000-Present
  • Conducted detailed comparison of ULSD technologies and catalysts that included pilot testing of HDS and cetane uplift as well as capital and operating cost comparisons.
  • Helped European refinery develop ULSD strategy that included design of new hydrocracker
  • Assisted several US refineries in developing ULSD strategies that maximized use of existing units.
  • Prepared a detailed assessment of the US refinery industry's capabilities to produce on-road and off-road ULSD.
  • Prepared a detailed technical and economic assessment of Solid Acid Alkylation Technologies
  • Evaluated technical and economic merits of different processes for producing 30ppm sulfur gasoline.
  • Diagnosed and corrected performance problems of commercial HDP and FCC units.
  • Currently teach RPS “Production of low sulfur gasoline and distillate” course
  • Mobil Corporation: 1973-2000 

  • Senior Technical Expert in Refining Process Technology with special emphasis on Catalytic Cracking and Hydroprocessing.
  • Past Manager of Corporate Hydroprocessing Research and Technical Service group 
  • Provided world-wide technical service and troubleshooting, technical input into laboratory experimental programs and the process design of new commercial units.
  • Improved system-wide average FCC power recovery turbine reliability from 2.5 to 5+ years.
  • Provided detailed designs for several Hydrocracking units.
  • Initiated the development of Mobil’s Cyclofine FCC third stage separator technology and improved FCC stripper technology.
  • Designed and coordinated an extensive FCC pilot unit program to better understand the effects of feed quality on FCC yields and product properties.
  • Provided guidance to the refineries regarding Air Emissions Compliance and Testing.
  • Hydrotreating of synfields to commercial products


  • 1985: Ph. D. Chemical Engineering, Princeton University, New Jersey
  • 1982: M. A. Chemical Engineering, Princeton University, New Jersey
  • 1976: M. S. Chemical Engineering, Drexel University, Pennsylvania
  • 1973: B. S. Chemical Engineering, Drexel University, Pennsylvania

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