New Venture Consultant

Mr. Trewella is a research scientist and new venture development specialist with over 25 years of experience in petroleum products. He has a proven track record of creating, evaluating, developing, and commercializing new ventures, generating over $300 million in profits. During a 20+ year intrapreneurial career at Mobil, he developed a strong functional background in manufacturing, research, and product innovation as well as broad technical experience in refining, fuels, lubricants, additives, alternate fuels and alternative lubricants. Recent engagements including, evaluating 6+ technologies for producing renewable jet fuel for a Fortune-100 client, and helping a venture-backed biofuels company to advance their program to produce renewable, hydrocarbon, drop-in fuel blend stocks.

Job Experience

  • PetroTech Consultants: Present
  • Identified 3 potential specialty products for a commodity product engagement partner.  Crafted and led R&D program to prove out venture potential.
  • Analyzed and issued report outlining market acceptance hurdles for four separate products.  Developed detailed technical and business paths forward.
  • Identified and vetted 18 potential strategic partners to expand capabilities or reduce or expenditures.  Conducted due diligence leading to 3 contracts.
  • Analyzed and issued report outlining information needed to build renewable energy refinery.
  • Identified key properties and conducted competitive analysis to guide product manufacturing and positioning.
  • Recommended an engagement partner alter their analysis program to avoid misleading results.
  • Diagnosed the root cause of a diesel fuel performance problem.  Proposed actions that solved the problem and allowed refinery client to resume fuel shipments to their higher margin customers.
  • Identified the alternate nature of a renewable distillation residue by proposing, facilitating and interpreting results from a multidisciplinary characterization program. 
  • Illuminated the limited merits of producing lube basestocks and proposed valuable alternative products.
  • Recommended LIMS enhancements to enable sample tracking, insure regulatory compliance, and decrease analytical turn around time. 
  • Serve on client’s corporate analytical steering committee.
  • Serve on client’s product stewardship committee.
  • Evaluated 6+ technologies to produce renewable jet fuels.
  • Proposed new processes and products to increase margin for a regional used oil processing plant.
  • Evaluated patent landscape and acquisition candidate for a medical device client.
  • Evaluated and recommend client not license a perceived platform patent nor embark on corresponding venture.
  • Organized and led programs coaching over 100 CEOs and executives on raising venture capital.
  • Mobil Corporation: 1979-2000 

  • Led Mobil's worldwide strategic research program in refining.
  • Identified, created, and forged four ventures with universities and companies.
  • Developed ab initio program and led new team to conduct strategic research on lubricant basestocks and specialty products.
  • Leveraged lubricant basestock research by 56% by initiating programs with two universities and three companies.
  • Conceived & patented new, high-performance synthetic lube basestocks.
  • Led hydroprocessing and chemicals research group to innovate, patent, and progress new technologies to development.
  • Saved $30+ million by conceiving and deploying a lower capital cost clean diesel fuel manufacturing technology in CA.
  • Increased lab productivity 13.5% ($30+ million/yr) by pioneering a quality culture.
  • Supported executive decision-making by conducting strategic, technical, and economic analyses of all new ventures and projects for a $40 million specialty chemical division.
  • Solicited and secured $50+ million in corporate funding for 10 capital projects.
  • Provided Division leadership and focus by preparing annual 40-page investment strategy.
  • Established and led group to evaluate new materials' potential.
  • Generated $90+ million by identifying and championing a new clean gasoline catalyst technology.
  • Turned around Mobil's gasoline additives group by conceiving, developing, and launching new gasoline products.
  • Increased income by $60+ million and recaptured "detergent gasoline" market franchise by inventing and launching clean fuel injector gasoline worldwide.
  • Solved manufacturing and product performance problems by pioneering multi-disciplinary analytical techniques.
  • Increased department efficiency 13.4% by creating four, high-throughput analytical methods.


  • 1979: Ph.D. Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University, Phi Kappa Phi Research Award
  • 1975: B.S. Biology, Chemistry, Lock Haven University, SUMMA CUM LAUDE, Dean's List (4 yrs.)

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