Petroleum Refining Technology Consultant

Mr. Lee has extensive commercial experience in many refining technologies with strong R&D background, specializing in hydroprocessing, catalytic reforming/isomerization, and clean fuels technologies.

Job Experience

  • PetroTech Consultants: 2000-Present
  • Provided advice to refiners in US, Europe and S. America on selection of clean fuel technology, development of low cost revamp projects, process yield improvements, and improved reliability and profitability of refining assets
  • Provided ULSD design package (including reactor design) to a German refiner, which was successfully implemented in 2002. Two units have been producing ULSD (<10ppm sulfur) since January 2003.
  • Provided advice to refiners on hydrocracker process design, performance improvement, and troubleshooting.
  • Provided expert advice to a major refiner on how to integrate and optimize hydroprocessing operations on multiple sites.
  • Mobil and ExxonMobil: 1979-2000
  • Involved in the ExxonMobil Technology Synergy Team to transfer Mobil’s Hydroprocessing technologies to Exxon’s refineries and vice versa
  • Provided technical support to BP-Mobil JV refineries. Involved in refinery operations support and implementation of clean fuels strategy in several refineries
  • Provided technical support to Mobil’s hydroprocessing units worldwide. Played a key role in improving hydroprocessing assets via low cost upgrading projects
  • Involved in many R&D activities in the areas of hydroprocessing, reforming, lube processing and thermal processing. Major accomplishments include the development of a Catalytic Reformer Model and the successful commercialization of Mobil’s Methanol-to-Gasoline process
  • Occidental Petroleum Research Corp.: 1977-1979
  • Conducted R&D on coal and shale oil conversion to liquid fuels
  • Union Carbide: 1975-1977
  • Conducted R&D on syngas conversion and wastewater treatment


  • 1975: Ph. D. Chemical Engineering, University of Houston, Texas
  • 1972: M. S. Chemical Engineering, University of Houston, Texas
  • 1969: B. S. Chemical Engineering, Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

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