The refining and petrochemical industries have undergone extensive consolidations through mergers (such as Exxon/Mobil, BP/Amoco/Arco, Total/Fina/Elf, Chevron/Texaco, Valero/Ultramar, Conoco/Phillips and others) as well as restructuring.  As the companies consolidate and refocus their operations, one of the unintended results is the loss of their internal talent pools and technical expertise.  This comes at a time when companies are facing multiple challenges of intense competition and tightening environmental regulations.  To fill the gap, companies are forced to rely more and more on process licensors, engineering contractors, and catalyst vendors for their technical expertise.  Process licensors or catalyst vendors are not necessarily experienced operators of refinery processing units.  They know the theoretical but not necessarily the practical aspects of the various processes.  Additionally, they are not always “unbiased” in their views toward the selection of a process or catalyst in new applications.

Who We Are

PetroTech Consultants is a business venture organized by engineers and scientists with extensive commercial operational experience as well as broad research & development background.  Our consultants have many years of experience in refining and petrochemical technology development and operations support in a premier refining company.  They each have over thirty years of outstanding service with many important accomplishments, patents, and publications.

What We Do

PetroTech Consultants provides high quality consulting and technical services to the refining, petrochemical, and catalyst industries. As your technology advisor, PetroTech Consultants can provide “unbiased” third-party expert services. We have extensive experience in the important product areas of biofuels, USLD, aviation fuels, lube basestocks, fuel and lub additives and in the following process areas: hydrotreating of cracked naphtha, catalytic reforming, catalytic cracking, hydroisomerization, hydrodewaxing, hydrocracking, and membrane separations. As independent consultants, the experts at PetroTech Consultants offer the following services:





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